Cook Book Frame Cook Book Frame Had enough of getting a mess while cooking? Then this cookbook / kitchenroll holder will be your best mate. Design: Boxtel & Buijs James James The lightweight James stool is sturdy, foldable and super versatile. It is useful, for example to take on holiday. Easy to store and practical. Roll-Mag Roll-Mag Everything at hand with the Puhlmann Multi-Master. Design: Boxtel & Buijs James XL James XL The lightweight James XL stool is perfect to use as a stepping stone or extra seating for big and small. Stow and Hang Frame Stow & Hang Frame You need some structure? On this Stow & Hangframe from Puhlmann you can organize your daily utensils with ease. Design: Jorine Oosterhoff 3 Little Twigs 3 Little Twigs Not like anything else, these twig hooks from Puhlmann. The hooks are designed by Jorine Oosterhoff and all three have different shapes. Memory Frame Memory Frame Hang all your favorite holiday pictures or postcards as a beautiful memory. Frame-1 Frame-1 Like its big brothers Frame-3,-6 and-9 this robust frame is a perfect presentation of your favorite magazine covers. Frame-3 Frame-3 Show the finest specimens in the Frame-3 of Puhlmann. Design: Remco van der Leij Coatrack Swing Coatrack Swing Robust coat rack with 3 rotating arms. This fits your entire gade robe! Made in durable beech wood. Frame-6 Frame-6 This magazine rack consists of 6 compartments with different sizes allowing each magazine the place it deserves. Card Frame Card frame Collect your most beautiful postcards in this card frame of Puhlmann.  A robust designed shelving unit of up to 7 mm steel and no less than 19 boxes. Frame-9 Frame-9 Such a waste to pile up all those beautiful magazines! Show the finest specimens in the Frame-9 designed by Remco van der Leij Box Frame Box Frame Decorate the rack with herbs, olive oil bottles and kitchen towels. 4 Seasons Plates 4 Seasons Plates For each season, there is a nice plate from Puhlmann. Designed by Merel Maltha Shelf Frame Shelf Frame This frame is of course multifunctional in any space.  4 Seasons Mugs 4 Seasons Mugs Pattern designed by Merel Maltha. The cups are supplied as a set of 4 showing the different seasons. Showcase Frame Showcase Frame Beautiful black metal wall cabinet. 4 Seasons Bowls 4 Seasons Bowls Would you rather go skiing in the Alps or go on a summer holiday? Check out the 4 seasons... Daily News Daily News This stylish rack is ideal for newspapers or magazines. 4 Seasons Placemats 4 Seasons Placemats These placemats have beautiful seasons patterns, designed by Merel Maltha Coatrack Frame-60 Coatrack Frame-60 Use this rack as a coat rack in your hall, in the bathroom with bathrobes and towels or for example in the kitchen as storage rack. Button-Up Button-Up Hooks that look like buttons. The hooks are designed by FRIS Ontwerpen and all five have different shapes Coatrack Frame-100 Coatrack Frame-100 This coatrack from Puhlmann with 8 hooks and a shelf provides enough space for jackets, bags, scarves and hats. Diamond Hooks Diamond Hooks Diamond's are a girl's best friend.  The hooks are designed by FRIS Ontwerpen and are all different in shape and color. Stool Stool As a side table, extra seat or as a bedside table. James Wood James Wood The James Wood stool from Puhlmann is sturdy, foldable and super versatile. Made from beech-wood Trolley Trolley As a side table you can easily roll this trolley next to the couch with a nice drink and a magazine. This trolley also comes in handy in the kitchen or in the office. James Wood XL James Wood XL This Puhlmann James Wood XL stool is firm, foldable and extremely multifunctional. You could use it perfectly as a stepladder or extra seat.